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What We Do

We are solutions driven, it’s in our DNA; our approach is built on three equally important pillars; intelligence, people and service.
Our team provide complete solutions that meet the ever-changing requirements of our clients.

Great results achieved through effective coupling of people, intelligence and Customer Service.
The strength of our business lies in providing expert security professionals as part of our commitment to creating world-class teams that deliver service excellence.

We invest significantly in staff development; we provide industry accredited and award-winning learning and development programmes, great career opportunities and excellent places to work. In turn our people become the very best they can be – security professionals who are trained, informed and empowered to protect your business.
What We Offer

Quality assurance of our security services means diligent attention to the client and a demonstrated ability to fulfil our commitments. Establishing quality of service at the beginning of a contract and maintaining or improving that quality of service during the contract are of primary importance to Media Securities.
In order to successfully realise consistency of quality, a number of factors require special attention in any security service.

These are:
• Providing Security Officers who have a commitment to quality and a conscious desire to continually excel in the performance of their duties.
• Establishing, at once, compliance with security policies and procedures mandated by clients and maintaining that compliance at all times.
• Media Securities are geared towards providing management and operational support through an on-going program of quality control.

Our Security Personnel are always:
• Punctual
• Smart
• Highly Trained
• knowledgeable about duties carried out
• Great Support Network

All Our Security Personnel Are Trained To The Highest Standards



Highly Trained


Great Support Network

Our Mission

Media Securities Limited aim to provide all of our clients with the option to receive all support
services they require from one innovative and effective supplier.

Media Securities Limited promotes training and development and emphasises the value of active
customer service as a vital tool to both gain competitive advantage and exceed client expectations.

Professional and Personal Integrity
To achieve this mission we must embrace the following values and work ethics within our
- Strive for quality and excellence in everything that we do
- Foster a “we can do” culture by working with commitment and enthusiasm
- Have a clear view of the high standards expected of us and strive to maintain them
- Take personal and team ownership for our work

As the Directors, I will ensure those who operate within the business understand this statement and
how they contribute to its effective implementation and achievement.

About Media Securities

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